Preschool Updates

In the following weeks, we will be sending out lots of information regarding the start of preschool. Using the guidance from the ODJFS, the church vestry, the preschool board, Governor DeWine and the teaching staff we have decided on a plan for how we will be opening school safely amid the Covid-19 virus. We will share more information about temperature checks, cleaning procedures, etc., in the upcoming days, but wanted to give you a nightlight of the main four items that will be changing. They are as follows:

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions of combining students from different classes, we will not be able to offer extra care for the Bunnies and Cats classes. Plus, we are not able to staff two separate after care classes.

*Cool Cats and Playful Bunnies classes will not participate in a community snack. Each preschool pal will need to pack a snack daily. We will send out more guidance regarding this in the next few days.

*It has been requested by the church vestry to only allow preschool pals in the building to keep down on Covid exposure. Due to this request, we will arriving and dismissing through the playground located at the back of the building. We will send out more specific information to follow.

*The visits schedule for the 13th and 14th of August from 9:00-10:00 will now be children only. The Bunnies will come on Thursday the 13th. The Cats will attend Friday, the 14th. The Top Dogs class will be split into two different days; half the class coming on Thursday and half the class coming on Friday. There will be more information to follow in the upcoming days.