Thanks for a Super School Year Cool Cats!

Summer is finally here! The Cool Cats have had a wonderful school

year. We learned every letter of the alphabet, numbers 1-20, circle,

square, oval, rectangle, rhombus, square, star, and heart. We talked

about primary and secondary colors, space, opposites, rhyming words,

bugs, families, holidays, and more. We learned how to recognize our

written name and spell it and many of us are on our way to writing it

ourselves! We also spent a lot of time on our manners. The Cool Cats

have also gained independence this year so please let us do it

ourselves and in some cases require it (don’t let us fake you out- we

can do it!). Some things Cool Cats can do on their own now: put on a

coat or jacket, put on shoes, open a cheese stick wrapper, go to the

bathroom (and wipe!) and wash our hands, open, fill, and close a water

bottle. Thank you for the many wonderful gifts. We’ve loved spending the year with your children and watching them grow!  Happy Summer!  Mrs. Sarah and Mrs. Susan