Fun and Easy Ideas for learning colors

  1.  Start by digging through you books and look for any books focussed on colors.  The “Pinkalicious” book series tends to be a preschool favorite for both boys and girls.
  2. Have a color scavenger hunt.  Pick a color and go around the house and see how many things you can find that are that color.  If it’s not too messy, make a big pile.  Go through all the colors.  At the end, estimate which pile is the biggest, smallest, etc.  Then practice one to one correspondence counting by counting each pile.  You can also make a graph.
  3. Color mixing-Read “Mouse Paint” or “Little Blue, Little Yellow”, if you have them.  Get out the food coloring, spoons and glasses of water.  Start with the primary colors-Red, Blue and Yellow.  Mix to make the secondary colors-Green, Orange and Purple.
  4. Get out the sidewalk chalk.  Draw a picture in only red, blue, yellow, etc.  End by making some rainbows.
  5. Play “I spy”, spying different objects that are certain colors.
  6. Play “Candyland”.
  7. Print out color by number pages from the internet.