Weekly Round-up August 31st-September 4th 2020

Monday-Regular classes

Tuesday-Regular classes.

Thursday-Regular classes.

Friday-Regular classes and TOP DOGS-Blue day-Wear and bring something blue.

OFFICE NEWS-Please turn any forms that are still out.  Thanks!

TOP DOGS-We worked on learning the days of the week, met “Miss A who goes A-A-A-Chooooo!”, made lots of art projects, worked on our RED book, learned all about the color of red,  learned our playground rules/muscle room rules, and talked about morning routines.

Cool Cats and Kittens-The Cool Cats and Kittens had an amazing week learning about the letter A!  We read stories and completed crafts that focused on apples, airplanes, and alligators.  We counted apples to ten practicing one to one correspondence. We got to taste test red and green apples and then graph which apple we liked best.   We also learned that a square has four equal sides and that when you have zero, you have nothing.  During our “Hello” song, we are practicing recognizing our names and our friends names when written names are held up for us to “read” while we sing. This week we were also introduced to the calendar.  We are learning a days of the week song and a months of the year song. We will use these all year to reinforce the calendar concepts. Friday was fun day!  We had a letter A hunt where the Cats and Kittens tried to find all the uppercase A cards we had hidden in the room.  We also found an avocado in the mystery bag.   We worked on using describing words to tell about the avocado like green, bumpy, and hard.  All of the Cool Cats and Kittens have quickly settled into the school routine and continue doing a great job wearing masks.