Weekly Round-up September 28th-October 2nd 2020

Monday-Regular Classes


Thursday-Regular Classes

Friday-Regular Classes and Top Dogs-Orange Day!

Cool Cats and Kittens News-It was E week for the Cool Cats and Kittens!  During our first circle time, we read books about elephants, talked about the number 4 and learned that ovals look a lot like eggs (another E word).  Elmo visited us on Monday and we made our own Elmo using the letter E.  We also painted eggs in a nest using toilet paper rolls in the shape of ovals.  On Thursday, we read a book about a very colorful elephant named Elmer and then made our own colorful elephants with tissue paper.  During center time, we glued eggs on the letter E, made balloon elephants, and painted yellow ovals.  Our yellow ovals actually developed into chicks that hatched later in the week.  We watched a video that showed chicks hatching from eggs and then helped our paper chicks hatch from their eggs. 

Our playroom turned into a farm this week.  The dollhouse became a hen house complete with nests, eggs and chickens.  Everyone is having a great time collecting eggs in the baskets and sorting them into egg cartons.  We also have lots of farm animals and farm equipment to play with.  We learned some great farm songs about a farmer feeding animals, 5 little ducks, and 5 little pigs.  This week we celebrated Siyon’s 3rd birthday too!  The Cool Cats and Kittens are becoming really good friends.  It is fun to see them playing together and sharing. They are a great group of kiddos.