Weekly Round-up November 9th-13th

Monday-Regular Classes-Food Collecting Begins!

Tuesday-Regular Classes

Thursday-Regular Classes

Friday-Regular Classes and Triangle day for the Top Dogs class


Top Dogs News:  I is for Incredible Inventor!  This week we learned all about the letter I.  When we see Miss “I’ by herself, we know she says her name, just like when we see Miss “A” by herself.  That means, we all already know how to read two words.  Most of the time, when we see Miss “I” in a word, we know she make the short “i” sound.  Miss I had a horrible itch so she invented a back scratcher.  We even scractched each other’s back to the song, “Scratch, Scratch, Me Back” by Harry Belafonte.  Miss I also escaped and took many pieces of “music technology inventions” from our classroom.  We had to put them in order:  Bell, record, cassette tape, CD and i-phone.  Too bad we couldn’t find an 8-track!  We also talked about how a lot of listen to music on our Alexa’s now. 🙂  It’s Incredible how inventions pop up every day!

Cool Cats and Kittens News: Lots of new things in the our preschool room this week! We started a unit on Community Helpers.  One of our new centers is a post office.  The Cats and Kittens can select cards and envelopes to mail in our big blue mailbox.  Next week we will write  letters to some favorite storybook characters.  We also have a construction zone where we can build buildings. A favorite new center is our ice cream parlor.  The Cats and Kittens are having a great time serving up scoops of ice cream with sprinkles and chocolate sauce on top!  So far, we have read books about dentists, police officers and garbage collectors.  We learned about recycling and landfills.  The Cats and Kittens love sorting trash and recycling then using trucks to haul the trash and the recycling.  This week we also learned about the letter I.  We read books about ice cream and inchworms.  We even learned a little about measuring using a paper inch worm.  We guessed the length of objects in the room then measured them with our inch worm and then recorded the actual length.  This activity was based on the book Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni. We had a really fun week!