Weekly Round-up-August 22nd-August 26th 2022

MONDAY-Regular Classes

TUESDAY-Regular Classes

THURSDAY-Regular Classes

FRIDAY-Regular Classes and TOP DOGS CLASS Wear Red/”REDS” and bring something red.

OFFICE NEWS-Thank you all for turning in state forms and tuition payments!  If you haven’t turned them in yet, please send them in as soon as possible, or let us know about your delay.  🙂  Thanks again!  Also, please sign up for remind if you haven’t already done so.  

TOP DOGS-The Top Dogs are off to a wonderful start!  We have had a busy week.  We start the day with thirty minutes of “homeroom”.  Then, we move over to the rainbow rug, where we have been working on “preschool basics” and learning our “school rules”.  We heard the story about Letter People Land and Mr. M Munching Mouth.  We played outside and in the muscle room, did an overview of letters and colors,  ate lunch, did art and learning centers.  We end our day with a stamp and a hug.    Next week we will be fully introducing the letter “A” with the letter people and Miss “A” who has bad allergies.  She says “a-a-a-chooooo”.  Stay tuned! 🙂

Cool Cats News: Welcome all A&HT Cool Cat families!   We are so thrilled you chose to send your children to our school.  They are a fantastic group of students and we look forward to having fun with them all year.  We started the first week of school getting to know one another and learning the routines of our school day.   The students are already lining up quietly and sitting on a dot for meeting time.   We also introduced our classroom management system which includes ‘GREEN’ and ‘RED’ choices.  We will spend the next several weeks talking about the specific behaviors that fall into Green and Red categories.   Your students already understand the difference and have put many Green choices into play like looking at the speaker, following directions, and asking others to play.  Please use the Remind App to reach out to us or pull us aside at drop off or pick up with specific concerns.  

Your Cool Cat Teachers,
Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Kelly

Playful Bunnies News: What a great first week for the Bunnies! We are getting used to the schedule and routines and discovering all of the fun things we get to do at preschool. This week during craft time we played with playdough and playdough tools and colored with markers on a big piece of paper. We practiced taking the marker caps off and on all by ourselves. We loved painting our hands to make handprints – some of us wanted to do it again and again! Our puppet friend, Elmo, visited us at circle time. We had fun learning new songs with him, including our Hello Song. It was a really fun first week.