Q is for Quilt

Q is for QUILT
Handmade quilts are made with care.  The fabrics are chosen with love and often tell a story by the quilter.   Handmade quilts are unique and when the shapes are sewn together, they become beautiful pieces of art.   Our students at A&HT are unique individuals and when we come together at school, we become a beautiful community of friends and classmates.   We will be telling our 2022-2023 school year story through this Quilt project which will be hung in our hallway to make a giant Quilt display.

On Tuesday, Jan 31, your child will be coming home with a piece of 12 x 12 colored paper for our school quilt. You may help him, or her design their quilt square to turn in no later than February 10th. On your quilt square, please include the following:

Name, age, and birthday
A picture of your child
Something special about who your child is. It can be something they are good at, like gymnastics, something they enjoy, like trains, or art, etc.

We will use the completed individual squares in the classroom for each student to share some special things that make them unique with their classmates.  Then we will proudly display them as an assembled quilt in our hallway, recounting the great year we had in school as a class.

Thank you for working on this project with your student, enjoy sharing and creating your student’s stories.