Bike-a-thon Top Money Raisers 2023

All school total: $2,721.00
A big THANK YOU to all of our our families who raised money for our school and who donated items from our wish list.  We have been meeting with Brandon Cordes to work out a plan for more security for the playground.  Our goal is to get things taken care of by the start of next school year.
Dogs class total $1,146.25
Grace-1st place with $205.00
Eira-2nd place with $136.50
Mila Sparks-3rd place with $107.25

Cats class total with $1,116.25

Gabby-1st place with $500.00
Elle-2nd place with $365.00
Graham-3rd place $106.00
Bunnies class total $358.50
Sophia-1st place with $100.00
Miles-2nd place with $82,50
Lenora-3rd place with $45.00