To help get your “TOP DOG” ready for kindergarten, we will be sending home homework folders that look like this:

They will usually go home on Thursdays, filled with about four sheets of applicable work, (not just busy work), for your preschool pal to complete.  Some preschool pals are ready to complete them all easily and will enjoy the work.  Others will just struggle  to complete one, and that is okay.  Just do what you can with your child.  We would like you to have you child write their name at the top of each page in pencil.  We would also like them to write their name the way they will be asked to write it in kindergarten with an uppercase first letter and the following letters in lowercase.  The rest of the homework should be completed in pencil, unless otherwise specified.  Please feel free to color any pictures for extra fun!

We would like all completed work to be turned in by Tuesday, in the folder, if possible.  We will grade it and make special notes on the work.  We will also send home new homework in the folder. (see above).  Again, this is nothing to stress over, and if you miss a week, no biggie!  Happy Learning!