Weekly Round-up-August 21st-August 25th 2023

MONDAY-Regular Classes

TUESDAY-Regular Classes

THURSDAY-Regular Classes

FRIDAY-Regular Classes and TOP DOGS CLASS Wear Red/”REDS” and bring something red.

OFFICE NEWS-Thank you all for turning in state forms and tuition payments!  If you haven’t turned them in yet, please send them in as soon as possible, or let us know about your delay.  🙂  Thanks again!  Also, please sign up for remind if you haven’t already done so.  

TOP DOGS-The Top Dogs are off to a wonderful start!  We have had a busy week.  We start the day with thirty minutes of “homeroom”.  Then, we move over to the rainbow rug, where we have been working on “preschool basics” and learning our “school rules”.  We heard the story about Letter People Land and Mr. M Munching Mouth.  We played outside and in the muscle room, did an overview of letters and colors,  ate lunch, did art and learning centers.  We end our day with a stamp and a hug.    Next week we will be introducing the letter “A” with the letter people and Miss “A” who has bad allergies.  She says “a-a-a-chooooo”.  Stay tuned! 🙂


Cool Cats News: Welcome Cool Cats and families to the 2023-2024 school year.  We had a great week focused on learning the school layout and routines.   We talked a lot about our behavior system that includes Green (thumbs up) and Red (thumbs down) choices.  Will we continue to use this system as a way to encourage good behavior at school like looking at the teacher, sitting quietly, helping others, putting away our toys, sharing, using kind words, following directions, and waiting.  The Cool Cats have especially enjoyed outdoor playground time, snack time and art!   We look forward to getting to know each one of these special children!


Playful Bunnies News:  What a fun week getting to know the sweet bunnies! We are having fun playing with our new friends and learning each other’s names. The bunnies had fun building with blocks, playing with play dough, learning how to use markers, pretend playing in the kitchen, exploring the sensory table, and learning all the new routines. Welcome to Cambrie, Claire, Hudson, Maya, Navy Rose, and Nico!