Weekly Round-up December 4th-8th, 2023

Monday-Regular Class Schedule

Tuesday-Regular Class Schedule

Thursday-Regular Class Schedule

Friday-Regular Class Schedule and Top Dogs bring something shaped like an oval today!

Office News-  Christmas Programs and Parties are Thursday, December 21st from 9:00-10:30.  A sign-up genius will be heading your way soon to sign up for party supplies.  Santa and his crew will be at our party so get those cameras ready!  



Playful Bunnies Class News- The Bunnies had a very busy and fun week!  


Cool Cats Class News- Monsters took center stage as we learned about the letter M.  We did a fun craft following the book ‘Go Away Big Green Monster’ and made more Monsters with play dough.  We have also introduced Construction toys and manipulates to our center room and play room.  The Cool Cats love driving their yellow vehicles all over the room to build with blocks, crank the gears, and assemble new creations with our building materials.  We also welcomed Auggie’s brother, Porter, on Monday as our special helper.  Thanks Porter, it was great to see you again!   



Top Dogs News-Oh no!  Kaptain Kangaroo is trying to take over Letter People Land!  It looks like Kaptain Kangaroo took the key to Letter People Land from Mr. Jing-a-ling, the keeper of the keys. Thankfully, Kyle Karate visited our classroom to teach us Karate, so we will be ready for Kaptain Kangaroo when he shows up again!  We really enjoyed having many former Top Dogs visit our classroom.  We also began our Paw Patrol Advent Calendar, Elf on the Shelf and our Kindness Key.  Plus, shopping at Santa’s Workshop was a real treat!