Weekly Round-up January 16th-19th, 2024

Monday-No School (MLKJ Day)

Tuesday-Regular Classes

Thursday-Regular Classes and Top Dogs class to the Fire/Police station.  (9:45-11:15).  Wear your preschool shirt for the field trip!

Friday-Regular Classes and Top Dogs bring 10 small items to count and eat.

Office News-Just a reminder to turn in your January tuition!  Registration for preschool for the 2024-2025 school year has begun!   We are anticipating spots to go fast, so if you are planning on returning for next school year, make sure to get you forms in quickly. Finally, if you need tax receipts for tuition please email us at wyomingpreschool@gmail.com and let us know.  Thanks!

Top Dogs News:  This week we reviewed our basic preschool skills to make sure everyone had a handle on days of the week, weather, parts of the body, five senses, colors and shapes.  We continued to work with our numbers practicing rote counting to 35 and 1-1 correspondence to 5.  We read a lot of different “Five Little Monkey” books and learned a new number game each day.  Mr. Noisy Nose N taught us about the five senses through different activities.


Playful Bunnies Class News-What a great first week back from break. All the Bunnies were so happy to see their friends and play together. We’ve been very busy playing with the tools and the work bench – lots of hammering, sawing and drilling. We had a lot of fun hammering nails (golf tees) into a foam block – we also used this activity to recognize numbers, and count the nails. Nate the Nurse puppet came to our circle time to talk about the letter N – and we knew that two of our Bunnies start with the letter N too. The Bunnies are really starting to understand the concept of the letters in their own names and their friends’ names. We also made some great snowman crafts this week – one of them used puffy paint. Happy to be back!

Cool Cats Class News-Welcome back to school Cool Cats and welcome to our new student, Dale! We had so much fun playing with dinosaurs in our center classroom. We also learned about the letter ‘P’, a Pentagon, and the number 12.  We made Polar Bears, Pineapples, and a pretend Pizza during art.  We also observed cool things about real Pineapples and cut one open.  The entire class ‘liked’ pineapple according to our chart as they all tried eating several pieces.