Weekly Round-up January 29th-February 2nd, 2024

Monday-Regular Classes

Tuesday-Regular Classes & Quilt Squares go home

Thursday-Regular Classes

Friday-Regular Classes and Top Dogs bring two items that rhyme.

Playful Bunnies News:   P is for Pizza! We read some great pizza books, including Hi, Pizza Man and an audiobook version of Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party where learned about a lot of unusual pizza toppings. During snack, we tried some of those different foods (pretzels, pepperoni, pickles and papaya) and graphed whether we liked them or not. Can your child remember any of those toppings from the book? We also painted a paper plate and added those toppings to make a Pete the Cat pizza. We used a big rolling pin to make playdough pizzas. We have a Preschool Pizza parlor for lots of fun pretend pizza play. Our playroom now has a spaceship and mission control for some Space play – we’ll be blasting off a lot over the next couple of weeks!


Cool Cats News-5-4-3-2-1 Blastoff to space!   The Cool Cats are enjoying our new Space unit.   The playroom had been transformed into the Space Center complete with Mission Control and according to one of our students, ‘A real rocket ship’.  🚀   The Magna-tiles are great for fostering creativity to make many cool rocket shapes for our tiny astronauts to fly into space.   We also learned about the letter ‘Q’ and its best friend ‘U’, the number 14, and a trapezoid.  We did a quilt craft, Q-tip painting craft, and made pizza with play dough.  We also talked about the various coins, including a ‘Quarter’.   Our big push this semester will be teaching the Cool Cats to write their names, any encouragement at home is appreciated!   


Top Dogs News:  Miss “O” came to visit us from letter people land this week and boy, did she teach us a lot!  We learned about opposites and being an optimistic optimist.  We also learned about occupations.  Miss “O” brought us a barber set, dentist set, diner set and a mail carrier set for us to explore different jobs.  We worked on counting 1-35 and one to one correspondence to 15.