Weekly Round-up March 11th-March 15th, 2024

Monday-Regular classes & Bike-a-thon

Tuesday-Regular classes & Bike-a-thon

Thursday-Regular classes & Bike-a-thon

Friday-Regular classes, Bike-a-thon and all classes wear GREEN  for Saint Patrick’s day.

Office News-The preschool tuition reminder went home in the backpacks today. It’s for the 4th quarter – the last payment of the year!  🙂

Playful Bunnies Class News-Fun week finishing up our zoo theme and learning about the letter T from Telly the Turtle. During circle time, we used tapping sticks to make a letter T and then sang a fun tapping/counting song.  We read books by Eric Carle with a lot of different animals in them. We made a zoo collage, and a zoo shape train during our craft time. We also played with playdough and painted with toothbrushes. Animal Action was a favorite song this week – we moved like animals!  Fun week with the Bunnies!



Cool Cats Class News-‘U’ is for unicorns, umbrella, underwater toys, and underwear.  The Cool Cats enjoyed the week making a U shaped unicorn complete with sparkle paint for the mane and tail and an umbrella using watercolors.  A Cool Cat crowd favorite is the book, ‘Creepy Pair of Underwear’.   We enjoyed fashioning our own creepy underwear art project using paper with a ghoulish, greenish glow!   Several of our Cool Cats were familiar with the book series, including Creepy Carrots which we will read next week.


Top Dogs Class News:  This week we learned about the four Seasons.  Mr. S helped us!  He brought us Super socks for Winter, shells for Summer, sunglasses for Spring and Halloween stickers for Autumn.  He also brought us some fun new learning items for our room!  Super Mario stuff, a sushi play food set and a gigantic super friends bat cave!  We enjoyed reading some classic Dr. Seuss books-“Snow”, “Summer”, “The Best Nest” and the “First of Octember”.  We made a “Season Wheel” for art and practiced ball handling skills, basketball passes and played soccer in gym.  For a special treat, former Top Dog, Joel, a.k.a Jojo’s, Grandma Bonnie came in to school and read the book “So Many Mittens” and talked about the illustrations she made for the book.  She also talked about knitting, buttons and how to make a button wind chime.