Homework and other stuff…

Great start-I want to thank everyone for such a great start to the preschool year!  Even though we have been dubbing this year’s start as “the year of body fluids”, (we survived another puking, two bathroom “accidents” and 3 bloody bug bites today, ) we truly are thrilled with the mix of students we have in our classes.   A couple of quick reminders:

Puking:  Just a reminder if your child throws up they need to stay home for 24 hours.

Traffic flow:  We would like to say sorry to the afternoon parents, since the “enter” door has been locked the past few days.  We will get that fixed soon.  Just remember, this year, we will be always entering and exiting from the same doors.  Plus, please line up on the wall on the same side of the classroom.  (There is a sign hanging above.)  We’re hoping this will help prevent students from seeing parents and running out in the hall and aiding in a smoother dismissal process. Also, please note class time starts.  If you are early, feel free to hang out in the muscle room, but please do your best not to enter the classroom until the class start time.  (Teacher’s are still planning, eating, setting up, etc.)

Sandy & Friday:  Just a quick note that I will be coming in to school around 10:15 a.m. this Friday.  In order to make sure our preschool curriculum stays in line with Wyoming schools, and we are up to date with their expectations, (which I’m sure will transfer to other schoool districts), I will be attending a monthly meeting with Jennifer Klein, the Wyoming elementary school principal, other staff members, and select parents.  During these meetings, I will also be able to ask questions about policies and procedures now used in the schools, so please let me know if you have questions you would like asked at these monthly meetings.  Cindy will be working with Mandy for the time I am gone, and Father Eric will be visiting the children at 10:15 this day, so I know everyone is in good hands.  I will keep everyone updated on any important issues that may come up.

Stegman update:  A lovely service was held in honor of Bertie Stegman, Cindy’s mother-in-law, this weekend.  Also, Emily’s surgery went as well as it could have gone today.  Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers.

Homework:  If your child in attending the Kindergarten Preparation (Mixed-up Chameleons) class this school year, you will find optional homework sheets in their mailbox on Fridays.  If you would like, you may turn your homework in and we will “grade” it and return it to your mailbox.

Snack Number update:  This year our class numbers are as follows:  Very Hungry Caterpillars-25 students & 3 teachers, Very Busy Spiders-23 students and 2 teachers, and Panda Bears-11 students and 2 teachers.  Please note that the enrollment has been frozen for the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider classes.  We like to keep our enrollment around twenty students, (which I think is the perfect number for preschool,) but occasionally, if there are special circumstances, and I know that I have well-behaved and bright students who get along well with others, I will case by case decide if I will take more than twenty on any given year.  We may still take a few more in the Panda Bear class, but after 10 students, this is decided on a case-by-case basis, as well.