VHC, VBS, and MUC News

A big THANKS  to everyone for bringing in those signs of fall.  It was so fun and interesting to crack those things open!

Next week we will be starting our unit on Nutrition and Thanksgiving.  We will be working on organizing food into groups.  We will be labeling our organizational bins with the names of different food groups:  milk/dairy, breads/carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, meat/protein, and JUNK FOOD!  (We will do our best to keep it simple; it’s hard to explain that a potato can be a carbohydrate, even though it is a vegetable, and some people think corn is not a vegetable, and of course, the tomato debate:  fruit or vegetable!)  We would like for you guys to spend some time cutting out pictures from magazines, or using empty boxes, labels, etc., and bring them to school to have your child sort into the bins.  Each day we will be using these items to add to our food groups collage project.   Bonus points will be given for any food items that start with our letter of the week:  “J”!

The week after Thanksgiving, we will be starting a unit on KINDNESS to go with the letter “K”.  This week we will be brainstorming lots of ideas of ways to be kind to our families and others. We will also be talking a lot about PRESCHOOL PALS.  One special project we would like to do during this week, is to have a preschool pals letter exchange.  If you would like to participate, please send in a self-addressed stamped envelope with your child by Tuesday, November 27th.  We will then secretly exchange the envelopes on the 29th.  We would like you to help your child write a letter/draw a picture/say something nice about your preschool pal, and then drop it in the mail within the next few days.

MUC-Don’t forget our Friday shape days coming up!