November Snack Schedule 2013

Thank you all so much for the nutritional snacks you have been providing for the class throughout the month of October.  The following is the snack schedule for November.  I do my best to try to space everyone out evenly and put siblings close to each other, but sometimes it doesn’t work out very well. Also, I’m sure I may have made some mistakes.  Please let me know if something doesn’t look right, you haven’t been scheduled for a while, or you are scheduled too much. Thanks for your understanding and help to make sure that each child enjoys their special helper day.


Panda Bear Class

1-Chandler Westerman

5-Felix Barry

7-Corrinn Covode

8-Gwyneth Barnes

12-Parker Woods

14-Jake Freund

15-Xander Dougherty

19-Rees Hargis

21-Lydia Martinez

22-Kate Meiners

Very Hungry Caterpillar Class

4-Fletcher Barens-Birthday

5-Will Gorentz

7-Tait Geygan-Birthday

11-Paige Ernst

12-Marty Jahnigen

14-Mac Lenning

18-Jackson Pagliaro

19-Charlie Brennan

21-Paxton Bartel

25-Cate Nugent-Birthday

Very Busy Spider Class

4-Charity Haeger

5-Lealand Haeger

7-Elaine Bevington

11-Evelyn Blazer

12-Caleb Mack-Birthday!

14-Hudson Reifenberger-Birthday!

18-Daniel Flagler

19-Anne & Evan Jolly-Birthdays!

21-Maddox Fox

25-Tyler Marcelle