Weekly Round-up-January 12th-16th 2015

 Monday, the 12th-Regular class schedule

Tuesday, the 13th-Regular class schedule

Thursday, the 15th-Regular class schedule

Friday, the 16th-Regular class schedule, Mixed-up Chameleons-Please bring in 10 small edible items in a labeled sandwich bag, separate from your child’s lunch, to eat and count today.

Preschool Office News:  Please see Sandy if you would like to come in and share about your hobbies or career.   We are currently collecting baby food jars for a Valentine’s Day project. If you need tuition receipts for your 2014 taxes, please let us know as soon as possible.

Mixed-up Chameleons News-(Kindergarten Preparation Class)-Today we began our number days.  We are working on one-to-one correspondence with items.  We are also working on oral counting and some beginning addition and subtraction.  Coming up, we will be working on writing the numbers 1-10.

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News:  Happy New Year!  This week we were able to get new seats on the rainbow rug, review our “How I Act” chart and introduce the letter “N for Neighborhood”. We began to learn about our Community “Neighborhood” helpers and had a great time interacting with our preschool pals!

Friday Enrichment New:  This week we will talk about the letter O and continue learning about winter.  The children will work on a sparkly snow picture using salt and chalk, will go on a snowball hunt and hear a story about a REALLY big snowball!

Brown Bear/Polar Bear News:  It is time for winter fun.  Be on the look out for winter themed art projects.  The kids will be creating a picture out of snow (which is really shaving cream and glue.)  Our feltboard story is about 5 cookies that get eaten one by one by a hungry child.  Our songs all revolve around snow.  We are singing “I’m a Little Snowman,” “Dancing Snowflakes,” and “Sledding.”  We are up to the letter L and the shape next week will be an oval.