Bike-a-thon News 2015-Chairs, chairs, chairs!

This year, our bike-a-thon money will be going toward the expense of new chairs.   Forty chairs to be exact, since a “Goldilocks Syndrome” has struck our school!  It seems like at least once a week one of our chairs falls apart beyond repair, even though the preschool pals are using the chairs appropriately.  The more sturdy, cool, retro looking chairs, which I personally love the looks of, have caused issues with preschool pals climbing or wiggling through the open backs.  So, between this issue and the broken, unrepairable chairs, we are hoping to raise enough funds to purchase new, durable, colorful chairs for our classrooms.  (Some of the nicer, one piece wooden chairs that are in good condition, will be moving to The Friday Enrichment Class.)

Anyway, overall we are hoping to raise enough to purchase 24 chairs for the Very Hungry Caterpillar/Very Busy Spider/Mixed-up Chameleon classroom and 16 chairs for the Panda Bear Classroom, totaling 40 chairs.  For the VHC/VBS/MUC class, we would like to get 6 red chairs, 6 green chairs, 6 yellow chairs and 6 blue chairs.  That way when we call tables we can refer to them as “the red table”, etc.

While in past years, we have encouraged each preschool pal to raise $15.00, we are really going to ask a lot of our preschool families this year and ask each preschool pal to raise enough funds to purchase one chair.  The chairs we are wanting to purchase are either $47.99 for the Panda Bear class, or $49.99 for the VHC/VHS/MUC classroom, which we are going to call $50.00 a chair.  When you raise money for your chair, we will recognize this by adding a chair with your child’s name on it to our “chair chart” and also by writing your child’s name on the bottom of the chair noting that you have donated this chair to the preschool in your child’s honor.

We hope this year’s bike-a-thon will be an “easy” fund-raiser for the school.  It is always amazing how excited the children get about the bike-a-thon, and how much they benefit from the new purchases. In the past, we have been able to complete phase one of the playground, purchase our large classroom teaching rugs, buy the school laminator, get the rugs in the muscle room and purchase and install the muscle room floor!

In summary, we are hoping for each family to raise $50.00 to purchase a chair for our preschool classrooms that will be donated in your child’s name.  Thanks for the hard work and extra effort this year to continue to make our equipment great and safe for all of our current and future preschool pals!