BIKE-A-THON-$2,245.09 collected!

We are so happy to announce that our school was able to raise $2,245.09 for this year’s bike-a-thon!   We are more than thrilled with this amount to work on stocking up on lots of amazing craft and art supplies for our preschool pals!  Plus, organizing our craft closet into a super efficient work space to benefit our teachers as well as our preschool pals.  Thanks so much!  On another note, in case you were wondering, the Preschool School Board in still in the midst of working out the air conditioning saga.  Believe me, they have not forgotten, and I will keep you posted when a solution is finally found. 🙂

We really, really appreciate your willingness to build into your child’s preschool, for this school year and years to come. It is so wonderful to be surrounded by families who are kind and generous in every way!

Thank you all very much for your help and hard work to make this fund-raiser a great success! A special thanks to the following students who really went above and beyond!

Top $$$ Raiser for the Entire School-XANDER DOUGHERTY with $400.00!!!!  


1ST Place-Very Hungry Caterpillars Class-$1,374.59/$57.27 average per preschool pal

First place-Xander Dougherty with $400.00

Second place-Easton Castor with $182.50

Third place-Emerson Metz with $146.00

Fourth place-Felix Barry with $125.00

2nd Place-Very Busy Spiders Class-$587.50/$36.72 per preschool pal

First place-Brayden Sutton with $100.00

Second place-Ben Wolf with $90.00

Third place-Daphne Holland with $85.00

Fourth place-Jack Kreuzmann with $80.00

3rd Place-Panda Bear Class-$283.00/$23.58 average per preschool pal

First place-Ben Pagliaro with $93.00

Second place-Dominic Liermann with $90.00

Third place-Emma Merkle and Shiori Sagawa with $40.00 each!

If you still are collecting bike-a-thon money, it is not too late to turn it in!  We would love to get $216.00 to break last year’s record!  

Thanks again for a super bike-a-thon!