Summer Camp-Day 2-The Day of Adventure!

The day started out pretty normal.  The campers were building block towers, coloring pictures, and whipping up cookies in the kitchen area.  We cleaned up and headed to the rainbow rug for learning time.  We sang our “ABC Song” and “Be My Friend” song.  We read the book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss and sang the “Fish Song”.  We wrapped up learning time and headed to our bananas and water at the snack table.  Then, out of nowhere, the fire bell rings!  We quickly and quietly evacuate the classroom and head to the school yard.  While we are waiting for the alarm to be checked out and to cease beeping, we had a chance to do a science experiment.  We took an empty film canister, filled it 1/2 way with water, added an alka-seltzer, and POP!  After going through about 20 alka-seltzers, the fire bell was still ringing, so it was time for plan B.  Let’s head to Grove Park for a shaded picnic lunch!  After all, who else would be there on this excruciatingly hot day.  We gather the lunches and the campers and head merrily off to Grove Park and end up crashing the senior citizen’s monthly picnic lunch.  After finding a shady spot, we sat down, enjoyed our lunches, and headed back to the school like little troopers, in hopes that the fire bell had stopped buzzing.  We were closing in on our destination when a camper began to have a horrible, gushing nose bleed.  Fortunately, Mrs. Mandy grabbed her trusty first-aid kit and took care of the emergency right away.  Hooray!  We made it back to the school and got the all clear.  We were told the alarm had gone off since it was so hot today.  We cheered and headed straight to the coolest place in the building:  The Muscle Room.  Happy campers enjoyed ending their day of camp riding bikes in the cool environment.  🙂