Olympic Torches

My twin boys, Abe and Cal, are having a blast this week at Olympic Camp here in Wooster, Ohio.  They came home the other day with these paper Olympic torches that they made during camp, that I thought would be a great project to do with kids at home.  Here’s what you do:


Have you child color with crayons, or markers on a regular size piece of paper for a small torch, or a larger piece of paper for a bigger torch.  If you’re really brave, you could even let them paint the paper, instead of coloring.  After the paper is dry, help your child roll the paper into an ice cream cone shape.  Tape, glue, or staple to hold the shape.  Gather up some red, orange, and yellow “flame” colored tissue paper and have your child stuff it into the “torch”.  Now you can explain to your child about the Olympic ceremonies and have them “act out” the running and lighting of the torch!  Don’t forget to save the torch for when you are watching the opening ceremonies on Friday.  🙂