Olympic Medals

Here is another great at home project you can to do to go with the Olympic Games theme.  This project can be geared toward younger children, or older children.  First, decide what you want to make your medals out of.  It could be cardboard, a cereal box, construction paper, or even regular printer paper.  You may even want to buy some “Model Magic” to use for a sculpting project.  If using a paper product, find a plastic cup for your child to trace circles around on the paper.  Next, you can cut out your circles, or decorate them, whichever you prefer.  To decorate you medals, you can use crayons, (silver, gold & copper colored), or if you are brave, paint.  You could also use foil to cover the circles for a silver medal.  Punch a hole, or attach a paper clip to the medal and then thread with ribbon, yarn, string, or whatever you have handy around the house.  If you are using the “Model Magic”, sculpt into medal shapes.  Attach a paper clip to the back, and let “dry” for the recommended time.  After drying, thread with a ribbon, etc. through the paperclip.  After you have made your medals, have a ceremony where your child is wearing a medal, a sibling, you, or even the family pet.  The more medal wearers, the more memorable!  Create a podium out of couch cushions, or laundry baskets and play the “Star-Spangled Banner”.  If your child has never viewed a medal ceremony, try to find one on YouTube, so they can experience it visually, as well as physically.  After all, there may be some future Olympians in our midst.  🙂