Start of School Packet

Thanks to our web master, Tammie Boss, you can now access our start of school packet from the preschool site.  This packet, which includes all the pesky forms you need to fill out before school starts, and a start of school checklist to make sure you are prepared for those first days of preschool.  Please note that the Child Medical form does require a doctor, or nurses signature, and shot record.  Cindy Stegman, our office manager, highly anticipates collecting everyone’s completely filled out forms during our parent and child orientation visits.  So, now is a great time to start looking up the address and phone numbers for your pediatrician, dentist, and employers.  We have no idea why the state of ohio needs the address of where you work, but they do. 🙂  Thanks for helping us with our state inspection by doing a super job with your paperwork!