Jarred's Bubbles

Today at preschool, Jarred Kleabanow was the special helper.  For his show and tell, he brought in these amazing bubble wands his mom, Robin, made.  These wands are beautiful and would make great gifts, and be a lot of fun for fall parties.

Below is how she explains how to make these wands:





Small pre-cut dowel rods




Wrap the wire around the top of the dowel rod to get it to hold.  Add beads to wire, at different intervals.   Use the rest of the wire to design open circular shapes, where the bubble solution could adhere.   These could be three circles put together, a flower, heart, etc.  End, by wrapping up the rest of the wire on the dowel rod.

Robin uses a shallow planter tray for the bubble solution and leaves it outside her house along with the wands.  She says that everyone who walks by stops and makes some bubbles!  If it rains, she makes sure to cover the solution.

Robin made her own homemade bubble solution using the recipe in the giant bubbles and bubbles post:  Dawn dishwashing soap, water, and glycerin.  She did mention she had a hard time finding the glycerin anywhere else besides Wal-Mart, and was directed to empty out suppositories filled with glycerin, or melt down suppositories that were made from glycerin for the bubble solution.  Another pharmacist said they could order the glycerin for a cost of $36.00.  She then discovered, at Wal-Mart, by the first-aid soothing skin supplies, you could find a bottle for $3.00.