Weekly Round-up-October 8-12

Monday, the 8th

  • Regular class schedule

Tuesday, the 9th

  • Regular class schedule
  • Fire Truck visits:  11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. 
  • Preschool Family Open House-6:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m.

Thursday, the 11th

  • Regular class schedule

Friday, the 12th

  • 8:45 a.m. – Staff meeting
  • Regular class schedule
  • Please wear Purple and bring something Purple to school today Mixed-up Chameleons and Fiesta Friday!

Preschool Office News:  (Mrs. Cindy)- Please note that Ladies Night has been moved to Tuesday, October 16th.

Mixed-up Chameleons News-(Pre-K)- (Mrs. Sandy & Mrs. Mandy)-Today we wrapped up learning about the letter “E” by reading the book, Chick (Thanks Olive Barry), doing an egg relay, (Did not have a chance to do these egg activities today; will do them Monday) and having a visit from the big “E” himself, Father Eric.  We wrapped up our mini-lesson on Fall, and learned more about the color Brown.  We sang our brown song, participated in “The Parade of Colors” by Hap Palmer, had our brown show and tell, and ended with some M&M counting, because chocolate is brown, of course.   At home:  Keep working on letter recognition and letter sounds, and read, read, read!  Plus, one to one correspondence with counting objects.  (like M&Ms)

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News:  (Mrs. Sandy & Mrs. Mandy )  To start off October with a new perspective, we changed seats on the rainbow rug.  We added the month of October to our “Twelve Months” song, switched our “Days of the Week” song to the “Adams Family” version,  switched from our “ABC” song to “ZYX”, and learned a new prayer for snack.  We learned about the color brown, and incorporated a mini-lesson about Fall.   We enjoyed observing all the brown signs of Fall.  We learned more about the number 4, while participating in some number exercises, and our shape had four equal sides:  a square!   Our letter of the week was “E”, and we kicked off our Fire Safety unit talking about a fire “engine”.  We also had a puppet elephant visit, and read Elmer (Thanks Ella Englehardt), and we read Horton Hatches an Egg by Dr. Seuss, (Thanks Connor Sutten).   This week we began our painting time at the Easel, and read a book brought in by Emilia Sherwood about E and Easel.  We had a quick visit from Elmo and read an Ernie book brought in by Drew Geygan.  For our Fire Safety unit, we practiced crawling low under smoke, stop, dropping, and rolling, to never play with matches, and how to call 911 in an emergency.  We read a poem about fire safety, learned a fire safety rhyme, and met Matt the Firefighter.  At home:  Keep working on those fine motor skills, especially cutting and writing.

Friday Enrichment News-(Mrs. Susan)-(9:15-11:45)  Stop, drop and roll, fire safety and scissor skills were all introduced last week as we made our fire trucks.  The children also started writing (with much help) their names on their paper.  We will continue to do this till the end of the year.  This week our letter will be F.  The children have enjoyed showing their letter of the week item!  This week we will be talking about seasons, going on a nature hunt (weather permitting) and calling for worms.  Please remember to separate your child’s snack and lunch.   

Brown Bear/Polar Bear News:  (Mrs. Katrina & Mrs. Kim)-  We will be continuing with our songs, stories, and fingerplay from last week.  The children have done a great job learning the new material, and now we will have this coming week to enjoy it.  Our letter this week will be E and the shape will be a triangle.  We painted the kids feet white today to make a spooky Halloween decoration which will be on display for Open House.  They can’t wait for you to see them!!