Thanksgiving Family Feast News

We are  looking forward to spending time with everyone and their families at this year’s Thanksgiving Feast!  We hope the following information and schedule will be helpful to you as the day approaches.

Schedule-We would like all families to arrive to the feast at 11:00 a.m.  (Please note that we do not have regular classes this day).  When you arrive, there will be some crafts available to do with your child while you wait for the buffet line to begin.  At 11:15, we will say our prayer and head for the food.   Around noon(ish), we will have each class perform some Thanksgiving songs.  After the class performance, the feast will conclude.

Sign-ups-Be on the look out for sign-up sheets posted outside of your child’s classroom for the big event.  If you are interested, or able, please sign up to make something to bring to the feast.  If possible, it is really fun to bring some copies of your recipe to share with other families.  A big THANKS to Maggie and Charlie Brennan’s family for volunteering to cook the turkey’s again!  Plus, we’re looking forward Maggie and Charlie Brennan’s Grandma’s Pumpkin cake, Alexis Schierloh’s  grandma’s Italian stuffing, and Chase Le’s Sesame noodles from their restaurant!  If we get really lucky, Ian and Ella Hummel’s dad will make the best rhubarb/strawberry pie you have ever tasted!  Of course, the Tator tots, Mac-n-cheese, and stuffing, are all hits, too!

Location-Our Thanksgiving Feast will be held in the Parish Hall, through the red, medieval looking doors.

Siblings-We are more than happy to have siblings join us for our Thanksgiving Feast.   In fact, all family members are welcome.   (In the past, this has been our preschool dad’s and preschool grandpa’s favorite event.  A lot of dad’s will swing by on their lunch hour to enjoy time with their family, and of course, all of the really good food.)  Our goal is to make this a wonderful event for the whole family and hopefully, a way to continue to create happy family memories together!

Thanksgiving Crafts-  We will  have some Thanksgiving crafts available for you and your child to make together while waiting for your turn at the buffet line.  If your child is willing, it is really cute if they would wear some of the Thanksgiving items while singing.

Don’t Forget- Please sign-up the number of people in your family who you think will be attending the feast this year.  This will help us know how many chairs and tables to set-up and how much TURKEY to buy.  If you are able to help set up tables and chairs for the feast, please stop in the preschool office to let Cindy know that you can help.  Also, if you have a big group coming to the feast, you may want to make sure to arrive right at 11:00, to get a table together.  Plus, if you have a big group, like 6 or more adults coming to the feast, you may want to bring an extra dish to share .

Songs/Conclusion-We will conclude our party with each class singing songs.  If we are blessed with a warm and beautiful autumn day, we will sing on the front steps of the church.  If the weather is ominous, we will sing either someplace in the parish hall, or potentially in the sanctuary.  We look forward to seeing you all there!  Happy Thanksgiving!