Ladies Night at Sandy's-January 15th

Just a reminder that the first Ladies night of 2013 at Sandy’s is scheduled for Tuesday, January 15th at 7:00.  (The following is an older post describing the event. )  We will be posting a sign-up sheet outside of the preschool office strictly for planning purposes.  This allows me to gather enough seating, and balance out refreshments, if needed.  (But, please feel free to come over even if you did not sign-up and please do not feel like you need to bring anything.)  Hope to see you there!

Last school year, we started something called “Ladies Night at Sandy’s”.  (I couldn’t think of a better name, but I am up for suggestions).   All preschool moms are invited to my house for a night out.  We usually have a sign-up sheet by the preschool office for you to sign-up if you are free to come, and to sign up to bring something, like wine, dessert, or an appetizer.  Last year,  I lived for Robin Klebanow’s tapenade, Diana Hamel’s concoctions, and Cindy Stegman’s perfect desserts.   Of course, everyone was also super happy with veges & dip, crackers and cheese, and cookies.  We also had a lot of people bring wine and beverages, so really no pressure for those of us who do not enjoy, or have time to cook.  (I’m always good for some little debbie snack cakes.)  We usually start out the night eating, drinking, and in casual conversation.  About 45 minutes in, we gather everyone up and have a sort of get to know you question.  Questions revolved around  holidays, previous careers, or where you grew up.  At the end, I usually take any prayer requests and then say a short prayer.  Please know there is absolutely no pressure to come.  Also, you can come once, every time, or late.  You also do not have to bring anything.  (I have plenty of Little Debbie’s for everyone.)  Friends are welcome, even if they do not attend the preschool, or have kids. Please note I already had to change the date of the first Ladies Night,  since my husband Tom was scheduled to go out of town for work, so the first one will be Tuesday, September 25th, starting at 7:00, at 19 Allen Avenue.   (The cute, small street by Elm school.)  I look forward to seeing everyone soon and getting to know you all better!