Valentine’s Day Parties-Thursday, February 14th

Here’s the scoop on our Valentine’s day parties:  Our Valentine’s day parties will take place during our typical school day.  Each class, Panda Bears, Very Hungry Caterpillars, and Very Busy Spiders will each  enjoy their own classroom party on Thursday, February 14th.  (This is a “make-up” class for the Panda Bears, since we do not have classes on Friday.)  Within the next few weeks, a sign-up sheet will be posted in the preschool hallway.  If you are interested, please sign-up to provide any of our “party necessities”.  If possible, please try to bring in your item on the Tuesday before our parties.  We would also like each student to make or buy valentines to hand out to his or her classmates.  We would also like each student to make a special Valentine’s day box to collect his, or her valentines in.  Shoeboxes, paper grocery sacks, etc. tend to work well. Foil, stickers, and doilies usually are easy items for preschoolers to use to decorate with.  You may want to even put your child’s picture and name on the outside of the “collector”.  Please keep in mind that in this case bigger is usually better.