Conference Information and Request Form

It’s conference time!   If you would like a conference, please fill out the following conference request form and return it to your  child’s teacher.   Your child’s teachers will then work with you to find a good time to meet.  (Please note Mrs. Sandy and Mrs. Mandy usually try to schedule their conferences Friday mornings at 8:15 a.m.)   If  your child’s teacher feels there are some items they would like to talk to you about, they may request to have a conference with you, especially if your child is preparing for kindergarten the upcoming year.Parent-Teacher conferences will be scheduled between you and your child’s teacher.   We look forward to working together to ensure the best possible preschool education and home environment for your child.


Student’s Name__________________________________



I would like to schedule a conference to discuss the following:




I see my child’s strengths as:




I feel my child needs to develop skill in:




I would like more information on: