Parky's Farm RSVP


Parky’s Farm RSVP

Please fill in according to your plans and turn in with any program fees owed to Mrs. Cindy in the preschool office by Friday, March 15th.


Student’s Name attending field trip: ___________________________________

(this student is paid for)


Parent’s Name attending field trip:_____________________________________

(one parent must attend for a panda bear student)

(this parent is paid for)


Names of any extra adults or siblings attending:__________________________________________________________________

(there is a $1.50 program fee for extras attending; two and under are free)


Total Number attending the field trip:___________________________________


Total Number riding the school bus______________________________________


Total number driving to the farm________________________________________


Total amount owed: ______________________________________


*Please note that we will be asking you to fill out a state of Ohio permission slip a few days before the field trip.


We look forward to seeing you down on the farm.