Class compilation Story-A Preschool Pals Adventure

During our author studies, we talked about how we could each be authors and wrote a class story together.  The following is the story we created.  The preschool pals thought this story was great and very humorous, so if you get a chance to read it with your family it may be fun to see your child’s reactions to the different parts.  Also, they may be able to tell you what part of the story they came up with; it is pretty evident what parts the girls came up with and what parts the boys added.  Happy Reading!

Once upon a time, Mrs. Sandy’s Preschool Pals went on an adventure.  The adventure was a Safari in the jungle.  Unbelievably, it starts to snow!  So we ran into a haunted house!  There is a ghost and a vampire!  The ghost is sitting on the stairs.  Plus, there is a ghost sitting in a chair and a ghost sitting on a train.  We were so scared, we ran into a store.  Then, we saw a witch, so we ran out of the store and went back to the haunted house.  We were scared again so we ran into a princess house where we ate princess food like Jell-o and cake.  In the princess house, there was a princess sitting on a chair.  There is also a king sitting on a chair.  The princess is gobbling up food!  There is also a vampire dripping blood and princess Jasmine in the house playing.  The princess is gobbling up chicken.  They saw a good prince.  They all left the princess house because they were scared of the vampire and went to Parky’s Farm.

At Parky’s farm we saw the three little pigs, and the five little cows.  We picked flowers and saw butterflies.  We ran out of the barn, ran to Wal-Mart and saw a bad guy on a train.  We hopped on the train with the bad guy!  We pretended we had blue light sabers and the bad guy has a red light saber.  We all hopped off the train with our light sabers and got water guns.  We saw the bad guys team and they had bats that fly.  More good guys come with water guns.  The good guys and the bad guys decide to go to K-mart.  The good guys use their water guns to fight.  The good guys then run away and went back to the haunted house.

A ghost in the haunted house ate a train and it went down through it’s body.  We leave the haunted house and head back to Parky’s Farm and then to the princess house, where we get shields and fire guns.  We fight the bad guys with the fire guns.  The bad guys scared us, so we went into a beautiful flower garden with butterflies.  Then, we saw bugs, bees, and a rainbow.  It started to rain, so we went in a classroom and the bad guys were there, but the bad guys are now nice.  Even though they were nice, we used a vacuum cleaner to suck them up, just in case they were tricking us.  We headed back to Parky’s farm.  We left Parky’s farm because there was an alligator there, and then we were sucked up in the vacuum cleaner with the bad guys.  Then, we raced out of the vacuum cleaner and a shark in the vacuum cleaner ate the bad guys.   We all went outside to play and pick flowers for our moms and dads.  We also caught fish.

We decided to rent a taxi and go to New York.  In New York, we saw a giraffe. We then went to see Mama Mia!  We ride an airplane back to the Honda factory in Indiana.  We eat up the Honda factory.  Daniel Flagler was not there because he was working with his dad at a fire and then he shows up on his bike with lights with his fire gear on.  We went to pick apples and then went and picked up some butterflies to take to New York.  Finally, a Zombie eats us.  The End