Bike-a-thon 2013 Final Results

We are happy to announce the completion of another bike-a-thon!  Each student who participated really pedaled their hearts out, but a few went the extra mile!  Conditions were ripe this year for very high lap counts!  Here are the results of our top lap riders for this school year!


Panda Bear class:

1st place with 47 laps:  Lance Weaver

2nd place with 36 laps:  Cooper Metz

3rd place with 30 laps each:  Jadyn Fourie and Nolan Roth

4th place with 27 laps:  Mac Lenning


Very Hungry Caterpillar class:

1st place with 153 laps:  Mya Rudy

2nd place with 133 laps:  Elliot Bartel

3rd place with 132 laps:  Darby Trush

4th place with 119:  Jack Wehby

Very Busy Spider class:

1st place with 140 laps:  Conner Sutton

2nd place with 139 laps:  Dillion Weaver

3rd place with 134 laps:  Jarred Klebanow

4th place with 128:  Patrick Cavanaugh

Hurray for everyone who rode in this year’s bike-a-thon!  Thank you for helping raise money for a new school laminator!

The A&HT Wyoming Preschool Staff