Mrs. Sandy's Summer Adventures-Sprecher Soda and Beer Bottling Factory-Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dear Preschool Pals,

Today we are in Wisconsin, where Jarred’s mom grew up and his grandma and grandpa live!  Mrs. Mandy has been here before, and told me about the bottling factory that we went to today.  You get to take a tour of the factory and see how they make beer and soda pop.  You also get to see how they label and package the bottles.  At the end of the tour you can try all the flavors of soda pop!  There are eight in all, including, rootbeer, puma cola, orange, grape, ginger ale, cream soda, cherry cola, red cola, and raspberry pop.  Your parents can try some of Sprecher’s beers, if they would like to.  You can even keep your cup at the end of your tastings to take home with you!

Mrs. Sandy