Mrs. Sandy's Summer Adventures-Jelly Belly Distribution Center tour-Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Dear Preschool Pals,

Today Abe, Cal, and I went to the Jelly Belly Center where they distribute jellybeans.  We got to ride in a Jelly Belly train and get a tour of the center.  You even got to wear your very own Jelly Belly hat!  After you view Jellybean art, Jellybean clothes, how jelly bellies are made, and hear about how Ronald Reagan made the Jelly Bellies so popular, you leave with your very own bag of Jelly Bellies!  There is also a company store where you can sample all the flavors of Jelly Bellies, including buttered popcorn, chocolate pudding, and coconut.  You can also buy “Belly Flops”, those Jelly Bellies that didn’t make it through quality control.  If you are ever visiting this area, I think you would like to go here, too!

Mrs. Sandy