School Picture Day-Thursday, October 24th

School picture day will soon be here!   Dan, Dan, the photo man, from Magic Photographers will be snapping the photographs again this year.  Dan will take a picture of each student individually and/or with any siblings, as well as a picture of the whole class.  Class photographs were included in the one time activity fee everyone paid at the beginning of the school year and you will receive them as soon as we do at no cost.

No payment is necessary to have your child’s photo taken.  All that is needed is to fill out the large, white picture envelope on picture day.  As soon as all of the students have arrived at preschool, we will take small groups of them to the “photo studio”.   The majority of the time, the background for the picture will be blue.

When all the pictures are ready, you will receive an envelope with your child’s picture proofs on them.  You may then choose to order the pictures from this form, or choose to decline.    Regardless of a purchase, each child will receive a fancy A&HT Wyoming Preschool tote with his or her picture on it.  Don’t forget, these pictures make great Christmas gifts!