Q is for Quilt

Starting February 3rd, through Valentine’s day, we will be working on a unit called “Q is for Quilt” in all of our preschool classes.  During this unit, we will be talking about how when you make a quilt, you take different pieces and sew them together to make something that is whole.  The quilt would not be the same if any of the pieces were missing.  We will then use this to parallel how our classroom works with each preschool pal being an important member of our class, and that our class would not be complete without one of them.  We will also talk about how each of us has different gifts that God gave us to use, and how each one is important.  Just like the parts of the body, each preschool pal/part of the body plays an important role, even if they are different roles.

On Monday, February 3rd, your child will be coming home with a piece of 12 x 12 colored paper for our school quilt.  You may help him, or her design their quilt square to turn in no later than February 13th.  We will then assemble all of the squares to make a giant quilt to display in our hallway.  On your quilt square, please include the following:

  • Name, age, and birthday
  • A picture of your child
  • Something special about who your child is.  It can be something they are good at, like gymnastics, something they enjoy, like trains, or art, etc.

During this unit, we will also be talking about teamwork, and demonstrating this through some special activities including using the parachute, an energy stick, and some other relay type team events.  We will also be talking about loving others and incorporating some Valentine’s day activities.