We are so excited to announce the end of a second year in a row, super-successful record breaking bike-a-thon with a total amount of $2,852.00 collected to go toward a new muscle room floor.  (Last year’s record breaking number was $2,222.75.)  We really, really appreciate your willingness to build into your child’s preschool, for this school year  and years to come.  It is so wonderful to be surrounded by families who are kind and generous in every way!

We are in the process of investigating what kind of flooring will work best in the muscle room with all the wear and tear it will endure.  IF ANYONE HAS ANY CONNECTIONS WITH COMPANIES WHO DO THIS KIND OF WORK, OR ANY IDEAS OF WHAT TYPE OF FLOORING TO PURCHASE, PLEASE LET US KNOW.  We could really use the help and guidance.

Since we (again) raised money beyond our goal, we would like to spend the extra money on painting the muscle room, buying some special classroom equipment, and possibly, putting money toward phase two of the playground plan.  More than likely, next year will be the year to raise funds to buy the climbing structure for the playground, which comes with it a whopping $7,000 dollar price tag.  Also, we will again be spending about $1000.00 out of our yearly budget for the necessary state mandated amount of  wood chips for our current playground area.

We have been very thankful for the plastic climbing equipment donations we have received, but as can be expected, they are starting to show some wear.  If anyone has some plastic playground equipment they would like to donate to get us through until the metal climbing play structure can be purchased, the teachers and the preschool pals would very much appreciate it.

Thank you all very much for your help and hard work to make this fund-raiser a great success!  A special thanks to the following students who really went above and beyond!

Top $$$ Raiser for the Entire School-Cooper Metz with $309.00!!!!

1st Place-Very Hungry Caterpillar Class-$1,433.00/$68.24 average per student-A New School Class Record!  

First place-Cooper Metz with $309.00

Second place-Ani Dougherty with $212.50

Third place-Jackson Pagliaro with $110.00

2nd Place-Panda Bear Class-$576.50/$41.18 average per student-

First place-Xander Dougherty with $212.50

Second place-Rees Hargis with $80.00

Third place-Kate Meiners with $75.00

3rd Place-Very Busy Spider Class-$842.50/$40.11 average per student

First place-Dillion Weaver with $136.00

Second place-Lance Weaver with $124.00

Third place-Tristan Pitman with $109.00

If you still are collecting bike-a-thon money, it is not too late to turn it in!

Thanks again for a super bike-a-thon!