Valentine’s Day Class Lists 2015

The following is some information for our Valentine’s day parties coming up on Thursday, February 12th.  A few things to remember:  Valentines in a separate bag, a Valentine collector box, a snack/dessert to share with all of the preschool families, and a blanket   Please let me know if I have made any mistakes with the class lists.  Thanks!

For our Valentine’s day parties, we are asking for each Panda Bear student to bring in twelve valentines.  For these classes, we prefer if no “To” names are written on the valentines.  Instead, you may write “My Friend”, etc. and then have your child sign his, or her name.   For reference, here is a list of who is in the class:  (12 students) Ben Babb, Emerson Beischel, Graham Beischel, Ashton Evans, Rylan Hargis, Parker Hass, Lanie Kellner, Audrey McPhail, Sam Mecoli, Pepper Porter, Luka Radovanovic, and Reid Remington.

For the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider classes, we would like for all of the students to write “To” names on the valentines.  The following is a list of the names of the students in each class.

The Very Hungry Caterpillars:  (17 students) Gwyneth Barnes, Felix Barry, Riley DeWitt, Mary McClure Eagleston, Dawson Feldman, Eli Grimes, Rees Hargis, Lennox Manton, Kate Meiners, Will Merkle, Cooper Metz, Jackson Pagliaro, Jake Robbins, Ava Rogriguez, Audrey Vegh, Lance Weaver, and Chandler Westerman.

The Very Busy Spiders:  (23 students) Paxton Bartel, Elaine Bevington, Evelynn Blazer, Charlie Brennan, Sophia Crable, Gibson Daniels, Ani Dougherty, Xander Dougherty, Graciella Flagler, Jadyn Fourie, Maddox Fox, Wyatt Fox, Tait Geygan, Lealand Haeger, Mac Lenning, Tyler Marcelle, Ava Neufarth, Hudson Reifenberger, Vera Rumke, Alexis Schierloh, Sami Wehby, Jonas Whalen and Parker Woods.