Bike-a-thon News 2015-How it works.

Our bike-a-thon event is almost here!  During the week of March 9th, we will begin charting the laps made by your child on their bike during gross motor activity time.  We ask for you to please help your child in gathering sponsors.  Sponsor sheets will be going home this week, or you can access the online sheet, but it doesn’t look as nice.

Sponsors are asked to sponsor a child per lap, or to just give a flat donation.  The following is a very rough estimate of how many laps a child may ride.

2 year old            15-30 laps for the week

3 year old            20-45 laps for the week

4 year old            35-80 laps for the week

5 year old            50-100 laps for the week

Therefore, if someone sponsored a child $.50 per lap, and the child completed 20 laps, the sponsor would donate $10.00.  (After receiving your child’s results, please feel free to adjust the amounts, if needed).

On the final day of the bike-a-thon, we will inform you of your child’s total laps.  A few weeks after the bike-a-thon, we will send home a picture of your child on his or her bike, and the number of laps completed.  If possible, we would love to have all bike-a-thon money turned in by the Art Show on Thursday, April 23rd.  (Of course, we would take any donations after this date, as well.)

Your child will shortly be receiving his bike-a-thon sponsor sheet at preschool.  There is also one posted on the preschool blog, though not as pretty.  The sponsor sheet is mainly for you to be able to keep track of sponsors and donations, and we do not need you to turn this in. Thank you all so much for your help and support!