Weekly Round-up-March 23rd-March 26th 2015

Monday, the 23rd –Regular class schedule

Tuesday, the 24th-Regular class schedule

Thursday, the 26th-Regular class schedule

Friday, the 27th-No School-Spring Break Begins.

Preschool Office News:  Don’t forget Spring Break is March 27th-Monday, April 6th.  Classes resume on Tuesday, April 7th.  Also, make sure to check the Snack Calendar, the MUC Friday section, and pack a drink in lunches:  preferable child sized and “healthy”.

Mixed-up Chameleons News-Today we went on an “U” is for umbrella parade looking for signs of spring.  We made a chart of all that we saw and then studied the months of the year.  We partnered up for center time and worked on some art projects for the art show on April 30th.

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News-“T” is for tornado’s and “U” is for umbrella, a vowel that makes two sounds-one of the many things we studied this week.  We also spent a lot of time catching up on assessment and our daily goals and objectives.  Mrs. Mandy worked with students on projects to display at our upcoming art show.

Friday Enrichment Class: We all enjoyed the weather theme, learned about how clouds can look like many different things and read “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” by Charles G. Shaw.  The kids practiced their fine motor skills while ripping paper into cloud shapes. When we return after spring break we will talk about Easter. Our letter will be W.

Panda Bear News:  We will be working on the letter T and Tommy the Turtle will be helping us sing the alphabet.  We will also be finishing up our farm animal unit.  We will be doing some Easter themed crafts next week.  This will be our last week before spring break!  We will try to cram in as much fun as possible.