Very Busy Spider Class-Water Bottle Test

Dear Very Busy Spiders Afternoon Class Preschool Pals,

We are asking you to help us try something new!  In order to help us eliminate the daily waste of paper cups at snack time, we would like to try out a plan to use personal water bottles instead.  To help us in this time of trial and error, we would like each preschool pal in the Very Busy Spider class to bring to school a personal, easy to use, sturdy, leak-proof, non-breakable water bottle after Spring Break.  Please label the bottle with your name on it and plan to leave it at school for the rest of the school year.  We are thinking we may have you fill the water bottle before school, if needed, but we are still trying to figure out the details.  Thanks for your help with our experiment and we will keep you posted.


Mrs. Sandy and Mrs. Mandy