Weekly Round-up-April 13- Monday, April 17th, 2015

Monday, the 14th-Regular class schedule and wear socks and shoes today!

Tuesday, the 14th-Regular class schedule and wear an apron today!

Thursday, April 16th-The Wyoming Fine Arts Center Field Trip-See the Blog under field trips for details and wear your Preschool T-shirt!

Friday, April 17th-Regular class schedule and wear your sunglasses today!  

Preschool Office News: Thanks for turning in all of the bike-a-thon money!  We will have money totals next week!

Mixed-up Chameleons News-(Kindergarten Preparation Class)-  We made fancy pants for art, participated in the music and movement song “What are you Wearing” by Hap Palmer, reviewed rhyming words and our core curriculum activities.  We also read the book “Today is Monday” by Eric Carle and participated in a group listing activity.

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News-  This week we loved listening to our guest parent and former student readers and have enjoyed reading the books Katy No Pocket, Caps for Sale, and Whose Hat?.  We all counted our pockets and figured out who had the most and who had the least.  We discussed why people wear hats and each preschool pal talked about the hat they were wearing.

Friday Enrichment Class:  This week we talked all about Easter and it’s special meaning.  The kids made wonderful eggs while working on their glueing skills.  We also read “Clifford’s Happy Easter” by Norman Bridwell.  Next week we will be talking about the weather and our letter will be X.

Panda Bear News: The kids have been enjoying our Jelly Bean felt board story and our Bunny fingerplay.  We will to continue practicing our colors with Easter eggs and the letter next week will be V.  Look for some fun spring themed art projects coming home next week.