Weekly Round-up-May 4th-8th 2015

Monday, the 4th-Regular class schedule

Tuesday, the 5th-Regular class schedule

 Thursday, May 7th-Regular class schedule

Friday, May 8th-Regular class schedule for Panda Bears, Friday Enrichment and Lunch with Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Susan.  MUC class-Mother’s day lunch starting at noon.  Pick up your child and then meet outside in the gathering space, of the Parish Hall if the weather is not favorable.   Please bring a blanket and lunch to share with your child.  Sandy’s mom will provide the dessert! 

Preschool Office News-Summer camp is right around the corner.  Don’t forget to reserve your spot now!

Mixed-up Chameleons News-(Kindergarten Preparation Class)- Today we went on our field trip to the Art Museum and Butterfly show!

Very Hungry Caterpillar and Very Busy Spider News-“Y” is for “Yarn”; an entertaining tale.  This week we began our unit on “Yarns”.  We spent the week comparing and contrasting different versions of the Three Little Pigs, including “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs”, and “The Three Javelinas”.  We made story retelling pieces and retold the story together.  We talked about Mother’s day, read Clifford’s Mother’s Day, and practiced some mother’s day songs.  We have been working hard on wrapping up assessment and reigning in our Spring Fever!

Friday Enrichment Class:  Last week we read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and made our very own name caterpillar.  The kids did a great job placing the letters of their names in order to make their caterpillar.  They also really enjoyed learning about our last letter of the week, Z.  This week we will be talking about bugs and reading “Big Rig Bugs”.  Also, please have the kids bring in a picture of a bug to share with everyone.

Panda Bear News:  Thanks to everyone who came to the art show.  It was great to chat with you.  We are so proud of the 2’s artwork.  This week we wrapped up our April unit and next week we will be starting our last unit of the year!  This week we had a visit from our x puppet, an x-ray tech and next week a Yak will be talking about the letter Y.  We will be busy next week making a special Mother’s day present.  Have a great weekend.