Sneak Peak for August Family Summer Camp 2015

We have a lot of fun things planned for our upcoming family camp!  We will be learning about four new wonders of the world, have cooking projects including indoor S’mores and dirt cake, science experiment presentations by the Rempe boys, and special art projects including beading and “God’s Eyes”.  We also have in the works to have a talent show the last day of camp.  We are hoping for siblings to work together to plan an act to perform for the summer campers.  For example, dancing, magic, act out a story, singing, reciting a poem, playing an instrument, etc.  We will combine anyone who does not have a sibling into a group, so don’t worry, no one will feel left out!  If you have not signed up, we do have a few remaining openings.  We look forward to seeing you August! 🙂