Summer Camp Sneak Peak-Family Camp 2015

A&HT Wyoming Preschool Summer Camp 2015

“Wonders of the World”

Week #2-August 3, 4, 6 & 7.

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to our week of family camp coming up!  The following is what we are planning on doing each day at camp.  Please remember to pack your child a lunch daily, and to apply any sunscreen/bug spray prior to arriving to camp.  We will be providing a small snack each day, so please contact us to work out any food restrictions/allergies.

This year for family camp we will be attempting a talent show that will take place on Friday during camp hours.  We will be matching up siblings and single campers to perform something in the talent show that will be performed for their fellow campers.

Also, please bring a two-liter bottle for our terrariums and a wire coat hanger for our dinosaur mobiles the first day of camp.  (Feel free to bring in extras. 🙂 

See you soon!

Sandy & Mandy


Basic Schedule of Events

9:30-Arrival in Muscle Room/Blanket art projects

9:45-Camp Songs

9:55-Group Game

10:15-Group Learning Time-Introduction to the Wonder of the World

10:30-Snack-Cooking Project, Art, Learning Centers & Practice for Talent Show

11:15-Science by the Rempe brothers and Wonder of the World



12:15-Closing in preschool room-Children’s literature, stamp, and good-bye

A Peek at our week:

Blanket Art Project Group Game Art Snack Science Experiment Children’s Lit & Music
Monday-Hanging Gardens of Babylon Cupcake flowers Duck, Duck, Goose Hanging gardens/terraniums Dirt Cake   Gravity Experiment Gardening books
Tuesday-Niagara Falls Shell necklaces Swim Away Shell outside art project “Energy” Trail Mix for hiking the falls Floating Eggs-Guess what will float or sink. Niagara Falls books, Swimmy, water life books
Thursday-Dinosaur Provincial Park Dinosaur pictures: Capture the Dinosaur Dinosaur mobile Indoor Smores Dinosaur Toothpaste Patrick’s Dinosaurs, There’s a Dinosaur in my Backyard, etc.
Friday-Old Faithful Geyser Review Parachute Talent Show! Popsicles Mentos and Diet Coke-“Geyser” Geyser books