"D" is for Dog and Donut-VHC & VBS classes

Next week we will be learning all about the letter “D”!

We are going to be reading “If You Give A Dog A Donut” by Laura Numeroff.  We are looking to see if anyone would be interested in bringing in donuts/donut holes for thier preschool pals class on Tuesday, September 20th.  We have 23 students in the VHC class and 15 in the afternoon.  (Melissa and Meghan just let us know what you want us to do for Reid and Ajax.)  Please let Sandy know if you would like to provide the Donuts.

On Thursday, September 22nd, Sandy will be bringing in her dogs.  She will be bringing in “Augie Doggie” a yellow lab who will be two in December and Chip, a chocolate labmaraner who turned one in August.  Both dogs are super friendly and energetic.  They will both be on leashes and hopefully, tired out before they meet the preschool pals, but they do sometimes jump.  We know some preschool pals may be a little frightened of the dogs; we already know of a few who we will be making accomodations for.  If you do not your child to be around the dogs, please let Sandy know.  

Next week we will also be starting the “Life of Augie”.  These are basically stories I make up about Augie to teach specific skills.  I adapted this idea from the “Life of Fred” books that are popular for teaching math for kids who are predominately home schooled.  They are kind of quirky, but do a good job of teaching math skills from K-College.  Some of the preschool pals have already been giving me ideas of what could happen in Augie’s life.  Since we have Chip now, I will probably be adding him into the stories as well!