Bike-a-thon 2017 Final Lap Results

We are happy to announce the completion of another bike-a-thon! Each student who participated really pedaled their hearts out, but a few went the extra mile!  For the VHC and VBS classes, each preschool pal rode 3 times for 7 minutes at a time for a total of 21 minutes.  If you were absent a day, we just doubled one of your other lap counts.  The Panda Bear class rode for two days.  Here are the top lap earners for 2017 !



Panda Bear class:

1st place with 47 laps:  Brody Boerger

2nd place with 38 laps: Emma Merkle

3rd place with 32 laps: Sawyer Bartel



Very Hungry Caterpillar class:

1st place with 127 laps: Xander Dougherty

2nd place with 115 laps: Reid Remington

3rd place with 110 laps: Connor Boerger



Very Busy Spider class:

1st place with 147 laps: Luka Radovanovic

2nd place with 136 laps: Levi Lawrence

3rd place with 122 laps each: Brody and Bryce Turner



Top Girls:

VHC class-Betsy Harness with 99 laps

VBS class-Graciella Flagler with 99 laps





Hurray for everyone who rode in this year’s bike-a-thon! Thank you for helping raise money for CRAFT CLOSET!  Feel free to turn in your donations at anytime, although we would love to wrap everything up by Spring break!

The A&HT Wyoming Preschool Staff