Enjoy some of our favorite foods and support some of our favorite preschool families!

If you are looking for some great food and wanting to support some even greater people here is a list of some things to try!

www.facebook.com/ChamodasCandyCafe-This is the “Gummy Bear Place” we told you about earlier this year over by Princeton High School and Queen City Racket Club.  Brayden’s mom brought this place to our attention.  Stop on over for the best Gummy Bears you have ever tasted and to help celebrate and remember the life of Chamoda.

threebsweets.com-This is Ben’s mom’s Candy that she makes in her home.  Heather makes the absolutely best Buckeyes around.  Even Michigan fans would have to admit they were darn good!

www.cwctherestaurant.com-Bradley’s mom, Caitlin, has been cooking around town for many years and we are now fortunate she has finally opened up a restaurant in town! Located between LaRosa’s and Skyline, they are now open on weekends and serve creative, home cooking for reasonable prices.  Make sure to check the website for hours and be prepared to wait a little bit, knowing the wait is worth it!

99restaurantkaraoke.com-Jingtao’s family recently took us out for authentic traditional Chinese food at their friends place rated one of the top Chinese places in town, called 99RESTAURANT.  It is off of 275 by the Sharonville Kroger and it was AMAZING!  Jingtao’s dad, Huang, ordered us practically one of everything off of the menu, and everything was great.  While we did not do Karaoke, Jingtao did do a few dance moves.  On your way out, you will notice many items for purchase by the cash register.  This is some of the items Huang distributes through his business that you may have driven by in Lockland.  The Japenese sodas are really cool with some kind of glass marble in them.

 sites.google.com/a/micheo.com/songlong/-Finally, if you remember the Le family from a few years back who currently have kids at Vermont and the middle school, they own the great Vietnemese restaurant called SongLong.  It is on Reading road headed toward downtown, but not too far and it is worth it to get their noodles and their customer service!  Theresa and Young are the kindest and the most generous people you would ever meet and the food is incredible!